Best Keno Online Casino Games & Bonus Coupons

Keno Slots is one of the most popular gambling games and features a lottery type of gameplay. It's available in almost every existing casino. Even though its player odds are thought to be very low, its popularity has been unmatched for a long time. It involves picking up to ten numbers out of 80 and waiting for a draw. You win depending on how your numbers match the drawn numbers.

Best Top Online Keno Slots

There are many Keno slots in online casinos, but not all are the same. Some are more popular and considered better than others. Look at these three, for example, that lead with game speed and good visuals. They also have a low house edge, significantly raising your chances of winning.

  1. Lucky Keno
  2. Golden Egg
  3. Firefly

How to Play Online Real Money Keno

Even though each online game varies slightly from another, the standard components of the game are a paytable and a keno card. There are also a few buttons to press.

  • Keno Card: It's a grid with numbers ranging from 1-80 and looks similar to a lottery ticket. In most cases, you'll see eight rows containing ten numbers each.
  • Paytable: It shows you should win for the numbers you match correctly. The payout doesn't necessarily depend on the numbers you hit but on the percentage of the numbers you hit.
  • Quick pick: If you don't want to pick your numbers manually, you can have the system pick them automatically for you.
  • Welcome Offers, Promotions, and Bonus Codes

    Most online casinos will give new players a welcome offer or a no deposit bonus for registering on their site. It's mostly given on the percentage of the first deposit you make, and you may be issued a bonus code to facilitate you to claim the reward. Sometimes, you may receive a welcome offer with no deposit required.

    These bonuses are different in every casino, and it's among the factors you should consider when choosing a casino online offering best games. Also, check if you can use the offers given to play the keno slots. Fortunately, these games often have fair wagering requirements, so you should be able to make good profits, depending on how lucky you are.

    How to Play Keno Online

    To play, you must have first selected your ideal casino. Afterwards, you need to choose the game. Then follow the steps below.

    1. Select the game you want to play.
    2. Choose your numbers from the number grid. The numbers can vary between 1-10 and 1-20. As you make your selections, keep in mind that catching a greater percentage means a higher payout rate.
    3. Choose the amount you want to spend on each draw by adjusting the arrows next to the amount section.
    4. The system will ask you the number of games you want to play.
    5. Then wait for the numbers to be drawn and find out if you won.